Nuevo Vallarta - Prepping in Paradise!

Category: Ships Log

Time period: Saturday 03/15/14 – Wednesday 04/02/14

For the last couple weeks it has been back to boat work for us!


San Blas

Category: Ships Log

Time period: Wednesday, 3/12/14 - Friday, 3/14/14

After departing Isla Isabel, we stopped at San Blas for a couple days:  Welcome To The Jungle!

Incredible Bird Life!

Category: Ships Log

A closer look at the bird life on Isla Isabel

There was so much to see at Isla Isabel, we had to split it into two blogs! Here is the more biology-oriented blog about the bird life we encountered. 


Hello Mazatlan!

Category: Ships Log

Time period: Wednesday 03/05/14 – Sunday 03/09/14

We were happy to have an uneventful passage across the Sea of Cortez to Mazatlan. 


Goodbye La Paz

Category: Ships Log
  green panther boatwork emeryville  

Time period: Thursday 02/27/14 – Tuesday 03/04/14

We finally said goodbye to La Paz and to all of our friends there, but not before we enjoyed Carnaval!

How to cross an ocean - a perspective

Category: Ships Log
  green panther How to cross on ocean  

The crossing from Mexico to the Marquesas

covers about 4,800 kilometres (3,000 mi) of Ocean, so the trip needs to be planned well.

Tahuata, part 1: Hanamoenoa Bay

Category: Ships Log
  green panther How to cross on ocean  

Exploring Hanamoenoa Bay on beautiful Tahuata island

Steven, Barnacles, and the Rays.

Tahuata, part 2: Hanatefau Bay and Hanatopi

Category: Ships Log
  green panther Hanatefau bay on Tahuata  

Exploring the south of Tahuata island (June 16th - 17th)

Our own bay, dinghy ride, meeting the locals, and a tempermental engine

Raroia - our own island

Category: Ships Log
  Raroia, Tuamotus  

July 2nd - July 7th

Mastering our first reef pass, tracking down Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon Tiki, and enjoying our own island.

Video Postcard - Mantas and hiking in Daniel's Bay, Nuku Hiva

Category: Ships Log
  green panther in Daniel's Bay augustine  

Manta Rays, the hike to the waterfall, locals, coconuts and more (June 24-26th)

The cruising life is good in Daniel's Bay (Anse Hakatea)

Tahiti - the Queen of Islands

Category: Ships Log
  Tahiti, French Polynesia, Sailing, Green Panther, Papeete  

July 23rd - July 30th

We made it to our final island group in French Polynesia, the Society Islands.

Rain in paradise - Huahine, Raiatea, and Tahaa

Category: Ships Log
  Raiatea, French Polynesia, Sailing, Green Panther, Papeete  

August 3rd - August 9th

Rain, a car trip, ancient ceremonial sites, lots to learn about vanilla and the coral gardens

Running from Paradise

Category: Ships Log
  Suwarrow Running Alena enjoying 150x  

August 26th - September 1st

Thunderstorm, large waves, strong winds, rain and a flying chicken noodle soup

Fiji - forms, fees and feeling good in Savusavu

Category: Ships Log
  Savusavu LavaCooking Alena 150x  

September 6th - September 13th

Goodbye Samoa, nice sailing, mystery island, night approach, clearing in, exploring Savusavu, and hot springs.

Leaping Mobula Rays

Category: Ships Log

Follow-up on the Flying Rays

One of the really cool things about cruising in the Sea of Cortez is the abundant marine life.  


Island vacation

Category: Ships Log

Time period: Sunday 02/23/14 – Wednesday 02/26/14

After almost three months of being in La Paz, we finally made it to the islands just north of here for a 3-day mini-vacation.  

Wrapping Up

Category: Ships Log

Time period: Wednesday 02/05/14 – Saturday 02/22/14

We are slowly wrapping up our boat projects in La Paz and hope to leave here by March 1st.  



Category: Ships Log

Time period: Tuesday, 01/21/14 – Tuesday, 02/04/14

These last two weeks we have been hard at work on the boat. We’ve been so busy, it has actually been hard to find time to sit down and update the blog! 


This week on Green Panther

Category: Ships Log

Time period: Thursday, 01/02/2014 – Saturday, 01/11/2014

Hard to believe we’re already into the 2nd week of the New Year! It’s been a busy time on Green Panther with boat projects and a couple side adventures.  


Happy New Year!

Category: Ships Log

Time period: Thursday 12/26/13 – Wednesday, 01/01/14

It’s hard to believe another year has already gone by. At the start of 2013 we had just arrived at the Napa Valley boatyard where we were stripping off our old bottom paint and wondering if we would really be able to get out cruising by the end of the year.  


Christmas in La Paz

Category: Ships Log
 Christmas in La Paz Marina Palmera

Time period: Sunday, 12/22/13 - Wednesday, 12/25/13

Christmas under palm trees is definitely different ;-)  

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