Happy New Year!

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Time period: Thursday 12/26/13 – Wednesday, 01/01/14

It’s hard to believe another year has already gone by. At the start of 2013 we had just arrived at the Napa Valley boatyard where we were stripping off our old bottom paint and wondering if we would really be able to get out cruising by the end of the year.  


Christmas in La Paz

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 Christmas in La Paz Marina Palmera

Time period: Sunday, 12/22/13 - Wednesday, 12/25/13

Christmas under palm trees is definitely different ;-)  

Quick Getaway

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Time period: Wednesday, 12/18/13 – Thursday, 12/19/13

For the entire time we’ve been in La Paz, the daytime temperatures have been in the upper-60s to mid-70s and the north wind has been blowing fairly hard.


In La Paz!

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Week of 12/09/13 - 12/16/13

Monday morning we finally made it to La Paz. We are now snugly settled in at the Marina Palmira for the next month while we try to finish some of the boat projects we didn’t have time for in Emeryville.


The Fleet

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Time period 12/08/13 - 12/09/13

Sailing in the company of four other boats was a fun experience, especially on the the challenging trip from Ensenada de los Muertos to La Paz

Ensenada de los Muertos

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Time period: Thursday, 12/05 to Sunday, 12/08

Thursday evening we made it to Ensenada de los Muertos (Bay of the Dead and recently renamed to Bahia de Suenos – Bay of Dreams).  There is one restaurant here, a hotel, and a boat ramp where locals launch their pangas each morning. 


Cabo to Los Frailes

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Time period: Sunday, 12/01/13 - Thursday, 12/05/13

Last Sunday we left Cabo San Lucas for what we thought would be a 4 – 5 day passage to La Paz. However, we forgot to factor in that the weather doesn’t always cooperate with our boating plans.  


Cabo San Lucas

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Week of 11/24/13 - 11/30/13

It is Thanksgiving week and we definitely have a lot to be thankful for!  


Bahia Santa Maria

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Time period: Tuesday, 11/19/13 to Saturday, 11/23/13

We arrived in Bahia Santa Maria (Santa Maria Bay) Tuesday night.  


Turtle Bay

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Time period: Friday, 11/15/13 - Tuesday, 11/19/13

We spent two days in Turtle Bay on our journey south to Cabo San Lucas. 


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Week of 11/08/13 - 11/15/13

About 2:30pm Friday afternoon (11/8), we arrived in Ensenada, our first stop in Mexico. 


San Diego

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Week of 11/03/13 - 11/08/13

We arrived in San Diego Saturday afternoon (11/02/13) and ended up staying until Thursday, a few days longer than our original plan of staying only 2-3 days. 

On Our Way!

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Week of 10/26/13 - 11/02/13

Last Saturday morning (10/26), about 6:45am, we finally released our dock lines to begin our journey south. 



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Weeks of 10/14/13 - 10/25/13

Since we are still here in Emeryville, weeks past when we wanted to leave, we thought we’d blog a bit about why preparing a boat for an extended cruise takes so long.  

Almost Ready To Go...

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Week of 10/7/13 - 10/13/13

As you may have guessed from our long list of boat chores to complete, we were unable to leave October 10 and are still hanging out in Emeryville. 

One step closer

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one step closer_tree house in Oregon

Week of 9/30/13 - 10/6/13

Moving out of the storage unit, dividing up the plunder, and escaping to spend some time in a tree house in Oregon - and well, enjoying the rain in Portland :-)

Boatwork with friends

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Green Panther boatwork napa


A short video history of Green Panther's six month stay in the Napa Boat Yard (Jan-June 2013)  plus Alcatraz, Wineries, Irish Beach

Our good old boat Green Panther spent some time in the Napa Boat Yard this winter and spring and  .  .  .

New rigging and boat party!

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Green Panther Party emeryville September 2013

Week of 9/16/13 - 9/23/13

Continuing with the boat work theme of our last post, we spent last week (9/17 - 9/20) at Svendsen’s boat yard in Alameda where we had our standing rigging replaced. 

Boat projects, boat projects

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  green panther boatwork emeryville  

We are finally starting our blog about our adventures aboard our Columbia 34, called Green Panther! We thought it might be good to begin with why it has taken us so long to start this blog...

Austria - Hiking in Steiermark

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Austria Styria Hiking

back in 2012 -  Hiking in Austria

Styria is the region of Austria where I grew up, it's also called the green heart of Austria and the perfect place to enjoy Nature.

Hiking Half Dome in a day

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Oregon Offshore 2009

back in 2011 - Hiking Half Dome in Yosemite

We finally did it and made it to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. Beautiful scenery and a looooong hike ;-). 

Exploring the Giant Redwoods

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Green Panther boatwork napa

back in 2011 - Exploring the Giant Redwoods

Humboldt State Park is the best place to see the giant Costal Redwoods in California, so we went for a camping trip with friends.

Sailing Trip to Catalina Island

Category: Ships Log

Oregon Offshore 2009

back in 2010 - sailing from San Diego via Mission Bay to Catalina

Our first sailing trip to Catalina Island on Green Panther - let's go explore!

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