Exploring Southern Moreton Bay

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November 2018 - Island Hopping in Moreton Bay, Queensland

After 4 years on the Brisbane River, it was time for us to move our sailboat, Green Panther to a new location – this time in Moreton Bay. 


Spring break!

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September 2017

For our spring break this year, we escaped to Austria and the Czech Republic to visit our families.

Volcanoes, whales and snakes

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June - August 2017

We spent a lovely winter exploring the national parks - hiking the green peaks and watching the yearly whale migration.

Island time

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March - May 2017

This fall we spent several weekends hanging out on the islands in Moreton Bay.

A Glimpse of Winter

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January-February 2017

In late January, Chris and I were able to make a quick trip to Oregon to help celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday.

Sailing again!

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December 2016

After much too long, we finally made it out sailing again! Twice in fact.

Out and About

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November 2016

A busy month of traveling and sightseeing!

Hiking Season

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May-June 2016

The weather has finally cooled down, making it the perfect temperature for hiking.

Family vacation

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April 2016

This month we enjoyed a visit from both of our families.

Beach Time

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January-February 2016

Apologies for our blog's long hiatus. We spent most of late February and March madly writing grant applications so perhaps we can stay in Brisbane a bit longer and I can get my own research project again. Wish us luck! Here is our belated blog from Jan and Feb:

A Northern Hemisphere Holiday

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December 2015

This December we got to experience a wonderful Christmas in the northern hemisphere with real winter again.

Storm Season

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November 2015

Storm season is starting again as summer approaches.

Springtime in Brisbane

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September - October 2015

It's a purple spring in Brisbane.

Back in the Pacific Northwest

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August - September 2015

A couple weeks after our trip to Cairns, we were off again on another trip – this time back to Oregon for two and a half weeks.

Reefs and Rainforests

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August 2015

We started August in the best possible way – with a week-long holiday to the tropical latitudes of Northern Queensland.

Snow in July

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July 2015

A real winter with snow, and overseas visitors!

Back to Work

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June 2015

My carefree days of hanging out on the boat are coming to an end, and none too soon! :)

May Update

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May 2015

It's cooling down and we have been on the road visiting more national parks in our area.

April Adventures

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April 2015

Another month has already disappeared and we are now nearing the end of April. Here is an update on what we've been up to the last month.

Living and working in Brisbane - a perspective

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March 2015

It has already been 3 months since we sailed (well, mostly motored) up the Brisbane River to the Dockside Marina in Kangaroo Point, close to downtown Brisbane.

Road trip to the jungle

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January 23rd - February 1st

Becoming mobile and exploring the subtropical rainforests of Lamington National Park.


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January 4th

Checking out some Australian wildlife that we have not been able to find in the city.

Straddie Island

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December 26th – January 1st

Getting away for a holiday camping trip at Straddie island and celebrating New Years with our dock.

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