Crazy Horses

Written by Alena
  Grisu the horse  

Horse riding near the Schöckl in Styria, Austria (12-2015)

We took my sister's horse out for a spin!

Mantas and hiking in Daniel's Bay, Nuku Hiva

Written by Chris
  green panther in Daniel's Bay augustine  

Manta Rays, the hike to the waterfall, locals, coconuts and more (June 24-26th)

The cruising life is good in Daniel's Bay (Anse Hakatea)

Australia Travel Video: Jungle, Crocs and the Great Barrier Reef

Written by Chris
  GBR GoogleEarth video green Panther webpage  

Jungle, Crocs and the Great Barrier Reef (2015)

We are exploring tropical Northeast Queensland to see crocodiles, the jungle, beautiful beaches, sharks, and the Great Barrier Reef.

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