Fix the 'Kogan air conditioner makes loud noise' problem

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Recently our Kogan "KAPORAIRCON Reverse Cycle 4-in-1 Portable" air conditioner started to make a loud grinding noise

What a great opportunity to look under the hood and see if I can fix this


How to fix a Kogan "KAPORAIRCON Reverse Cycle 4-in-1 Portable" air conditioner

 kogan aircondition repair 01

What you need is just a screw driver, a sharp knife, a useless credit card (or any plastic card) and a keen spirit.



kogan aircondition repair 02

If you want to make sure to return all the screws into the holes they came from, once you assemble the air con again after the fix, then make a quick drawing and place the screws on top of it as soon as they are unsrewed


kogan aircondition repair 03 unplug

Make sure you unplug the air con before you mess with it!
(disclaimer: opening your air conditioner can void warrenty, and high voltage is dangerous so it should be only done by an expert bla bla yodel . .)



kogan aircondition repair 04 untape

Check that all the tape has been removed. Well, I didn't remove it when I unboxed the unit half a year ago, so I'll do it now:




kogan aircondition repair 05 unscrew

Now unscrew all 6 screws in the back of the unit


kogan aircondition repair 06 untop

Use an old (useless) plastic card to pry open the gap between the top and the back + sides.



kogan aircondition repair 07 uncover

Once the top is loose you can just pull it straight back about 2 inches (but nor more!!) and lift it up, but . . .



kogan aircondition repair 08 disconnectA

... watch out for the cable connection


kogan aircondition repair 09 disconnectB

On the back of the connector is a small square button, push it down (1) and then pull out the male connector part (2)


kogan aircondition repair 10 unscrew side

Set the top a side. Now untighten the 4 screws (2 near top, 2 near bottom)



kogan aircondition repair 11 unside

Use the plastic card again and prey away the side panels. This is not the time to be gentle ;-)


kogan aircondition repair 12 unsided

Done, now you can investigate the inner works of the air con. Lot's of high quality stryrofoam LOL


kogan aircondition repair 13 problem

In my case the problem was that the fan wheel, well the metal clip on the wheel to be precise,  was pushing against the styrofoam makinf an awefull noise.
Now one could take the entire unit apart, remove the wheel and check why the alignment is off . . .  or just go for an easy fix


kogan aircondition repair 14 fix1

I went for the easy fix and used a knife to cut away the stryfoam.


kogan aircondition repair 15 fix2

Well and 2 minutes later the job was done, the metal clip on the wheel didn't hit the styrofoam anymore.

Now I just had to put it all back together following my steps in reverse order - it went fine and I am now enjoying the air con.

If this article helped you out, why not invite us for a beer ;-)


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